All glory to God! Yesterday marked the end of our last Christmas term as parents of a school age child.

In 2023, we will slowly but surely experience more “last ofs” as we march inexorably towards the end of our daughter’s final year of secondary (high) schooling. How time flies. Exactly 25 years of nursery, primary and secondary schooling is coming to an end. A phase of life that was incredibly intense and exhausting, physically, emotionally and financially.

As we slowly emerge out of this phase of life, I am grateful to have done so with my hubby and closest friend still by my side. At one point in our lives, we didn’t think we would get through this phase of our parenting journey with our relationship intact. The fact that we will and that we eagerly anticipate doing life together as empty nesters is a testament to the grace, kindness and patience of God. He saw us through and He continues to be the anchor for our souls and our relationship.

Underneath all of who we are and who we are becoming are indeed the Everlasting Arms. ❤

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