When Life is Stranger than Fiction

In a few days time, it will be the 2nd anniversary of the day the Nigerian government announced the very first nationwide lockdown on account of the COVID pandemic.  

I remember the fear and uncertainty that many of us felt at the time. The worries around job security and concerns for the safety and wellbeing of our nearest and dearest.  The grief and loss that we experienced on so many levels – loss of liberty, livelihoods, lifestyles and loved ones.

Just when it seemed as if COVID was finally loosening it’s grip on our lives, we were hit by a tsunami of fuel scarcity, power cuts, rising inflation, plummeting foreign exchange rates, political uncertainty and a war that has the potential to engulf the entire planet. Nobody could have predicted any of this in February 2020!  

If only one could curl up in a ball and wait for the waves to blow over! Sadly, most of us haven’t got the luxury of time nor the means to remain in a foetal position for any length of time.  We are mandated by the pressures of our primal need for food, shelter and clothing to rise each morning, put one foot in front of the other, and try to navigate our way through the chaos, to make some meaning out of multiple meaningless situations.  

One thing that hasn’t changed however, is the power of music to lift the mood, elevate our perspective and let a glint of light through.  Music is able to transport us from a miserable place to one of deep joy and peace.  From sadness and sorrow to  quiet and rest. 

So I want to encourage you to make room for music in your lives at this time. Allow it to penetrate the walls of your home, bringing with it, tranquillity and peace. 

Follow the link below for a relaxing classical music playlist that you might enjoy.  Even if classical music is not your thing, today might be your lucky day!

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