Without A Vision…

6 Months Vision Challenge

So this morning, I was challenged by my journal to envision where I would be in six months time and to schedule an email to myself to arrive on that date, describing where I hope to be by then. As it happens, six months from today will be the 4th of January 2021. The first Monday of that year. I had a lot to write and the email has been scheduled for delivery on that day, thanks to the magic of modern technology.

This made me think about the goal setting exercise my team and I do at the beginning of each term for every one of our students, where we envision and write down what skills we want them to have acquired by the end of term.

The process of thinking through and writing down a vision helps to focus the mind and directs effort in an intentional, often unconscious manner.

The Bible says “without a vision my people perish”. It’s one thing to have a grand vision but this can sometimes be overwhelming and seem unattainable.

Setting micro visions to be achieved within a reasonable time frame motivates and inspires action.

So, go ahead and write that email to yourself. Where would you want to be on the 4th of January 2021 and what needs to happen to get you there?

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